How To Put Cheat Codes On The Acekard 2i /Akaio Version

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by Redman947, Sep 25, 2010.

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    Apr 21, 2010
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    Jan 14, 2012
    The thing is, I actually do need to add my own, I'm playing a BW hack with a different Game ID and the only way to add cheats seems to be to add them manually. Any ideas?
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    This was a how to for Pokemon White on Wood but it is the same for acekard just change the directory.

    Step 1.
    • Download cheat database editor - R4CCE
    • Run r4cce.exe and open the usrcheat.dat from the SD:__rpg/cheats/usrcheat.dat
    Step 2.
    • scroll down to Pokemon White (any version should work) then right click > copy and right click again and paste.
    • scroll down to the bottom of the list and select the copy you just made.
    • You can then change the game title to something more meaningful.
    • Click on the ... button near the (Dup?) button.
    • Browse for your Pokemon White ROM.
    • Finally click File > Save.
  4. kbf

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    Oct 7, 2008
    can someone help me?

    there's only certain cheats I want, all of them can't really work with just editing the save file. This is what I want, this is for a romhack called storm silver, so it doesn't have it's own cheats. I just wanna add these cheats and still be able to use cheats in other games..

    Instant Message Code
    12002346 00002100
    120202EE 00001C0C
    120202F0 00004818
    1202031E 0000BD10
    02020320 E7E53C2D
    1202032E 0000D0DF
    1202033A 0000E7F1

    Quick Screen Change
    1200FA78 00002200
    1200FA9C 00002200

    Pokémon Center Animation Cut
    1206325E 0000E000
    1206327A 0000E000
    9224BDCC 00002000
    1224BDCC 00002001
    D2000000 00000000

    Gauge Bar Animation Cut
    12265A80 00001C20
    12265A8E 00001C20
    12081750 00001C21

    These are all just quality of life cheats that I want. This is what I see for cheats on my acekard: but I don't know how to add those cheats with my other cheats.
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    To add cheats to the AKAIO kernel, first you might want to consider grabbing a more up to date cheat database to use as AKAIO and just about every other flashcart kernel uses the old cheat databases from 2012, you can get the latest here:

    You will need the usrcheat.dat database. Stick that database in the following location:
    If you have used cheats already from a previous cheat database, then delete the CC folder sitting inside the cheats folder, DO NOT WORRY the CC folder automatically generates when activating cheats with the new database. That's all there is to it, enjoy!

    Sorry for the bumps again, but it's summarized and needed information.
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