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    May 22, 2017
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    This is a guide to bring over your worlds from N3DS Minecraft to your phone/tablet/PC!
    A New 3DS/2DS
    Minecraft: New Nintendo 3DS Edition
    JKSM (not JKSMK!) (i'll be using the cia version of JKSM, but if there is a 3dsx version it should work the same way) (i've heard checkpoint has extdata support, but i havent tried this)
    Win10/Pocket Edition
    1. Make sure you have created at least one world
    2. Go to JKSM
    3. Go to your respective version of the game (Cartridge for retail, SD/CIA for digital)
    4. Find "Minecraft"
    5. Go to ExtData Options
    6. Press A on Export ExtData
    7. Go to New
    8. Type in a name then press A
    9. If you get a FS_Read returned error message, press A to ignore. (You may have to do this multiple times)
    10. When it completes, turn off your 3DS/2DS, then take out your microSD card.
    11. Insert your microSD into your phone/tablet/PC.
    12. Navigate to the JKSV folder.
    13. Navigate to the ExtData folder.
    14. Navigate to the Minecraft folder.
    15. Navigate to whatever you named.
    16. Then copy the minecraftWorlds folder to the games folder on your phone/tablet (don't know the folder on Win10) (maybe wrong on the folder name)
    17. Launch Pocket Edition.
    18. Find your world (should have the same name as on your 3DS)
    19. Play!
    You WILL NOT keep your current world progress on Pocket Edition. (i.e. blocks placed/removed)
    If someone finds out if you can transfer worlds from Pocket to N3DS I shall add it.
    If someone knows how to keep world progress, let me know!
    Mods: If someone already made this, please remove it.
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    This could actually prove to be useful, especially since only mobile has cross platform play, but the n3ds has buttons. This will surely be useful for people such as myself who prefer the 3ds version in absence of a switch.
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    Jan 20, 2020
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    is there really no way to copy your world from n3ds and keep all of your progress in bedrock?
  4. The Real Jdbye

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    Mar 17, 2010
    Only mobile has crossplay? What happened to the better together update?
  5. Maxcension

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    Dec 5, 2017
    Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows Phone 10, GearVR and FireOS), Xbox One, PS4 (since december!), Switch, TV (FireTV and Apple TV -but discontinued since the end of 2018) and Windows 10 version are crossplay, and that's Minecraft Bedrock!
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  6. Deedjay451

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    Aug 20, 2020
    It might be because you need combined data from the cartridge and the SD card to access progress. I'm not an expert, but if you say that progress isn't saved, you might be missing the "playerdata", or whatever it's called on 3ds
  7. DeadSkullzJr

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    Sep 28, 2017
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    This doesn't work in the way some of you guys and gals may think. There are some things to note here before I explain why this even works, and because of these notes, this is also why player data and actual chunk data is "missing" when "importing" these worlds between platforms.

    Minecraft on the Nintendo 3DS uses the Pocket Edition (specifically v0.15.4 Alpha) engine (now known as Bedrock Edition) as its base (not the legacy console engine that most other systems use). While true the game was still behind Minecraft - Pocket Edition itself in terms of updates, features, etc. The world generation algorithm was the same for a few updates of the actual Pocket Edition engine on mobile. With this in mind, this means that both platforms used the same information overall to determine world data at the time. Now where the differences occur between these two versions is the actual structure of the data itself. World data between the 3DS version and Pocket Edition had similarities, however the actual tree of data isn't identical, some aspects are the same, while others are different. The basic data such as seed information, game type, etc (all stored in the level.dat) remained the same between the platforms, this also includes the text document that's attached to each world containing the name of the world as well. However the data related to the player's inventory, chunk information (including the changes you have done to the world), etc. is different in the 3DS version compared to Pocket Edition (this data is stored in the "db" folder of the world). Some of the data is still the same, but there is way too much of a difference for each platform to recognize that data correctly, this includes file type/format differences.

    Now for the reason why this "works". Due to the massive changes between the two, the games respectively can only read off of what they were programmed to understand, since chunk data can't be loaded when "importing" worlds, it has to go off of what the level.dat says, since seed information is there, it will generate a world according to that information, which means new chunk data is created according to the structure of said version of the game, this is why nothing you have ever done in that world will show up. Player data is in the same category of differences, so the world has to generate new data for the player as well. The end result isn't an "imported" world, but more like a new generated world with the small given parameters from the level.dat.

    To summarize, you aren't importing worlds, you merely generate new worlds with the given seed data provided by the level.dat, everything else isn't imported because the respective platform doesn't understand the data structure and or file type/format.
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