how to play Wii Sports Resort on NeoGamma?

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    Jan 3, 2009
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    i have been reading this forum and i just cant figure out how to make the game work

    ok i basically want a .wad file with neogamma r6

    which i take from here:

    and i want to make Wii Sports Resort work

    can someone help me?

    ps: can i play the game using this wad channel?

    i also try this:

    Make a folder on the root of your SD, SD:/NeoGamma
    Download the RZTE.dol from the above link, put this in SD:/NeoGamma - Run the disc with NeoGamma and the option for Alt DOL - set to "ON". 002 Error "ON".
    Run the game, WATCH the video tutorial, THEN, go back to the NeoGamma settings and turn Alt DOL "OFF".

    to try that i did this:
    1. i downloaded a neogamma here:

    2. i downloaded R6 and unzip.
    3. i guess the folder named "neogamma" is the one people are talking about, so that folder i put it on the root of the SD card.
    4. i copy the RZTE.dol to the neogamma folder on the SD card.
    5. run neogamma on homebrew? i dont understand this part since i dont see anything with the name neogamma on the homebrew channel

    can someone help?
    i can see wad installer and previous work i did to install backup channels before., the reason i need to to this is because i get a 002 error to play wii sports resort

    can someone help?

    and please no noob bash only helpful comments appreciated.


    im on version 3.2 U
  2. pakrat

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    Oct 25, 2009
    it needs at least 3.4 to run... do the update from the game AS LONG AS ITS SAME REGION AS YOUR WII. then follow the suggetsions to get it to play.