how to play via lan or wifi with vba link?

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    is it possible to play via lan or via online with vba link (or perhaps another version of vba?)
    how would i do that? and is it possible without installing anything else, like hamachi or so? hamachi never worked for me, so that's not really an option actually.
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    Emulator- (I like this site more than the .info one) works and I believe the VBAlink code was added to the VBA merging project VBA-m although to get that link was my first time visiting that in many months so I am not sure there. There are no other link supporting forks that I know of (VBAlinkreal was a PC to GBA type thing).

    Yes LAN play should be possible.

    LAN- worst case scenario you type in the IP address of the other machine. I could type it all out but that vbalink page up above.

    internet- VPN like hamachi will be necessary (it will be harder to add new rules to your router and try to go manual) although I agree hamachi is not good unless you recognise the limitations and you might be suited to a better VPN. There are loads of VPN options all with varying abilities but for basic never set something up before and can not be bothered to fiddle around I like (USB drive version- )
    A VPN will make it seem that your friend is on the same local network (word to the wise- this does also mean they can poke through your shares like anyone else on the local network) and you can carry on like above.

    Equally if you were so inclined you could just run some screen sharing/remote support software (teamviewer has the ability) and you can play locally on one machine (with a person over the internet controlling the second VBA instance), it might not work so well for high action like turok but your basic turn based stuff like advance wars and pokemon it works wonders for and solves issues of ping/lag quite easily.