How to play the newest games - 3.2E to 4? or cIOS

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    There seems to be so much information here and after searching and reading various I still dont quite understand.

    I have a PAL wii with D2CKey and running 3.2E firmware. A few months ago I installed HBC and a cIOS.

    I would like to be able to play the newest games (Wii Sports Resort and TW10, conduit etc) and eventually
    use the new USB backup loader options with my usb HDD. But there seems to be so much information I have difficulty understanding it all.

    In order to play the new games properly do I need to upgrade to 4.0E using nintendo offical updates ? or from what I understand
    by installing the latest cIOS I can mimick all of the features of the new updates without actually updating?

    If so where can I find the cIOS to install? and will this allow me to play all the new games without any problems.

    At the moment I can only boot wii resort using gecko and the picture is garbled and red although still playable.

    Please point me in the right direction.
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    if you want to stay on 3.2
    use starfall to disable update disc update checks
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    Its not cIOS you will be missing for newer games it will probably be IOS's, namely IOS 38, 53 and 55 - you can find download packs of these on the net (just google) and install via wad manager through HBC. That way you wont need to upgrade to 4.0. To run USB loaders you will need cIOS rev 9 and above.
    FYI I am still on 3.2U with cIOS rev9 and can run all the newer games including the 3 you mentioned (via usbloader) no problem.