1. DevanWolf

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    Sep 1, 2018
    United States
    I know the trick for using Player 2 to play as Prince Fluff while leaving player 1 untouched. However when doing this trick I always see Kirby being followed behind (always being carried by Angie) and some transformations (e.g. Train) require player 1 to perform an action to continue. However I probably know if there is a Gecko cheat code or Riivolution patch that exists that lets player 1 play as Prince Fluff alone without Kirby being there (except the cutscenes where Kirby can show up, not 2 Prince Fluffs). If anyone tells me/knows then I'll be impressed and I'll enjoy it!

    P.S. Support Prince Fluff (not yarn) to become Dream Friend in next update of Kirby Star Allies!
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