How To: Partition a USB Drive.

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by WiiFan2012, May 30, 2010.

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    This is a small guide on how to partition your USB Storage Device as two or more partitions to use with the PC and USB Loader. You do not need a separate program to format.

    1) Be sure to backup your files; I AM NOT responsible for any data loss.
    2) Load the "Disc Utility" app from within Windows.

    For Windows 7 and Vista; Click Start, and type in "disc u", without the quotes. If you see "Disc Utility" show up, click on it.
    Sorry, don't use Windows XP.

    3) Once the app is loaded and you see your disc, right click and select "shrink partition". Use this to figure out how many MB's are in the amount of GB's you want to have for the new partition. BE SURE YOU HAVE DONE STEP 1!

    4) Once the partition is created, right click on the partition which is "Unallocated Space". Follow the onscreen instructions.

    5) You now have a new partition! I recommend re-formatting it via the built in Windows option. (Right click on the drive and select format)

    If you have a GPT disc, then follow this guide to get rid of the GPT disc and convert it to a Master Boot Record (MBR) disc, then follow my partition guide.

    Hope this helps!
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    Sorry, but this so called Guide is the worst thing I have ever read. Shrinking volumes instead of just partitioning them properly from the get-go? Plus, this guide is for USB Drives for use with a Wii, yes? Yet you left out a few facts, like how the partitions you want read by the Wii must be primary and active??

    So, I guess thanks for the effort? Although you put zero effort into this. If you want to help, don't half ass it. Oh, and also, only the NT6.x versions of Windows are covered? Fail.
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    One thing to note is that this won't let you create multiple partitions on USB sticks (at least you couldn't on XP), I don't know exactly why, but it just won't let you. You can use a 3rd party app, but even if you do, windows will only see the first partition and ignore the second one, unless they changed that in vista/win7 (they probably didn't, it would be unlike microsoft)
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    Way to contribute to the topic with constructive criticism. The truth sometimes hurts. He claimed to be writing a guide to partition a USB Drive to use with a Wii. What he wrote doesn't come close to what someone would call a guide. To follow the "guide", you must use Windows NT 6.x. You must only want to use the drive for the Wii. On top of that, his directions aren't even correct. As I stated, he fails to mention how the partition must be primary and active. Extended partitions will not be detected.

    What OP wrote was more of a Windows help file, and should be renamed. When I see this topic, I think "oh, cool. This must be a guide on partitioning a USB Hard Drive to work with a Wii, whether it be FAT32, WBFS, or NTFS, one or multiple partitions, any environment (Windows, *nix, OS X, etc), compatible with all USB Loaders and a complete start to finish guide." Unfortunately, OP's "guide" does none of those. If a noob clicked this and read it, you really think they'd have no more questions on formatting a USB Drive??
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