[How-to] move save game from EMULATOR to 3DS VC (Game Gear)

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    I am playing a Game Gear game and wanted to use my original save game so that I did not have to start from scratch.

    So I used a JKSM homebrew and a Hex Editor on my Mac/PC to overwrite the VC save with my real one, and I'm now playing my old save! :)

    You will need your "old" save in .srm from RetroArch (or .sav from OpenEMU)

    HOW TO

    1. play Game Gear VC game until save data is created, usually it is done as the game boots for the first time, then immediately close the Game Gear VC game

    2. use JKSM to backup save game from Game Gear title, copy these 2 files to your Mac/PC: save14.bin (90.21kB) & save8.bin (32.46kB)

    3. use Hex Editor to open your original save game, copy all contents into clipboard, close file

    4. use Hex Editor to open save14.bin, make sure you are in "overwrite mode", select range from 0x20E3 to 0x040E3, paste clipboard to overwrite, save and close file

    Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 21.25.11.png
    Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 21.25.31.png

    5. Copy files back to JK backup folder

    6. Restore save back into game

    7. Play Game Gear VC game, open menu, tap restart, your save should now be refreshed
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