how to mod fable 3 save w/o it corrupting

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by chrisrlink, Sep 8, 2011.

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    ok since I kept complaining on fable 3 being unmoddable i proved myself wrong yesterday

    1) your hero save
    2)Horizon modding tool
    3) Le fluffie
    4) USBXTAFGUI_v44
    5) a fable 3 modding program

    ok get the tools and lets move on
    1) open Horizon and on device explorer find your Fable 3 Hero 00X file (X being the save game number)
    2) drag your Hero file on your desktop it should appear there
    3) click it and copy the file and make a folder named Hero back up put the copy in the folder (safety first people)
    4) in horizon extract ALL .bin files from your hero save onto your desktop (make sure your desktop is clear for less confusion)
    5) move all bin files to an empty folder
    6) edit your herosave.bin file in the editor your checksumsave.bin file should recalculate upon saving
    7( delete your hero file on the desktop then c&p the one from your backup folder to your desktop (CRUCIAL)
    8) open the hero file you repasted on your desktop in Le fluffie
    9) replace (in Le fluffie) Herosave.bin and checksum save.bin
    10) under security tab click the fix button once (this will also rehash/resign your save) close application
    11) in USBXTAF navigate to your hero file on your memory unit then delete the original Hero00X file then inject the modded file into the same place you deleted the old one it should come up as 8.24 MB in size close all programs and run the save on your 360 to be sure save the file and cold restart the 360 if the save doesn't corrupt then congrats your done if not pm me and i'll see what i can do
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