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    How to mod a PS3 save file for use on OFW PS3s.

    With Castlevania: Harmony of Despair as an example.

    This works for Official Firmware PS3s.

    You don't need a CFW PS3 to mod PSN save data in -most- cases.

    I made this guide because I saw a post from buxiga on the forums.

    You will need:

    USB Harddrive/Thumbdrive [To move the Save data from PS3 to PC and back again...]
    Castlevania - Harmony of Despair [Save data from your PS3]
    K.G's [PS3] Save Resigner [To decrypt and re-encrypt the Save data]
    HxD Hex Editor [To edit the Save data!]

    For Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, specifically for PS3, you'll find that the hex values are different from the XBOX version, but it's okay to loosely use this as a reference for item quantity offsets if you're thinking about editing the inventory.

    I've found that the item quantity values are the same as the xbox values, but the item offsets are completely different. That being said, I've found a way to get nine of all the weapons in the game, including the DLC ones.

    The Guide:

    First off, use K.G's [PS3] Save Resigner to decrypt the save folder.

    Now you need to edit the USR-Data file in HxD Hex Editor.

    Editing your money:

    1.) First, I turned my game on and went to the in-game shop, looked at how much currency I had. I had over 1 million, and under 10 million. (I roughly had 7 million)
    2.) Then, I opened Google and typed the exact number of the currency in Google search and asked Google to translate it to hex. (example: '9999999 in hex' typed into google search will give you )
    9 999 999 = 0x98967F

    But since you're here, you probably don't have 9 million, which is the cap for Miser Ring damage. From here on out I'm using this number as an example for how to change your in-game currency to 9 Million.

    3.) What you need to do is Search->Find-> 98967F (Make sure datatype is set to Hex-values and Search Direction is set to All)

    It will bring you to the Block of your currency. Copy the 98967F part of the 0x98967F with your mouse, and Ctrl+B it into the block replacing the value that was there with the value that you want.

    Now you have max money. Make sure you save what you've done in HxD, re-encrypt the file in K.G's Resigner, and send it back to your PS3.

    Make a copy of your edited save file and put it on your desktop so you can open it and compare it to the next edited save file that you're about to create for your inventory editing.

    Editing your Inventory:

    This is your weapons inventory. Turn it all to 93 for max weapons.

    1.) First, use the money trick above, load the save up in game, and go to the store, buy everything to 9. Make sure to buy all the weapons, helms, armors, accessories... All of it.
    2.) When the game saves, copy this save to your PC, decrypt it, and compare it to the save you made on your desktop, while you're at it don't forget to add more money to this file.
    3.) What you're looking for are 9s and 1s in a giant block. If you checked the Xbox link that translates to 93's and 13's.
    4.) There's a block not far from where your USR-Data starts that is full of 93's and 13's. This is the Weapons section of the inventory.
    *Change anything that isn't a 93 inside of that giant block to a 93. There may be 23's and 0's. Replacing the 0's with 93's will give you a max out of the weapons you are missing.

    Also, the .'s on the side will turn into "'s when you put 93 anywhere.

    You now have max weapons and max currency. This includes all the +1 weapons.
    Save what you've done in HxD, re-encrypt the file, go have fun leveling your souls and sub-weapons.

    I'm doing this by compare and contrast.
    Change variables in-game, then try searching for the changes between two different decrypted save files. You'll eventually find the edits that you're looking for.

    I'll let you figure out where the accessories and whatnot are.

    There is no risk for being banned for hacking weapons or money.
    There is no way for the network to tell the difference in your hacked save or your legit one because the data matches up exactly as it would if it were legit.

    Editing character stats, however, will get you banned from SEN permanently, because other players WILL report you, and since most of the players I've encountered online are in Japan, specifically for this game, and Sony is also a Japanese console, you might occasionally be playing with some developers if you play online or people who will be reporting you to some Japanese customer support line, in which case, you're probably 100% bansure'd.

    Since the game has been out for some time now, and all I ever find online for the most part are people from Japan. I suggest not stat hacking with this game, because dealing 400 damage to R. The Count might just piss the wrong people off. (Might being more likely than not.)

    So I wouldn't do it if I were you.

    Good luck!
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    You can always use the tool I built for this. Just set the radio button under Misc Data to PS3.
    Alternately I can list the addresses of each block. (NOTE: The below values are for PS3. For XBox add 0x0000D000 to each.)

    Original Weapon File Offset: 0x0000041B to 0x000004A1
    DLC Weapon File Offset: 0x000004A2 to 0x000004AB

    Original Armor Offset: 0x0000060F to 0x000006F4
    DLC Armor Offset: 0x000006F5 to 0x00000708

    Original Item Offset: 0x00000CF9 to 0x00000D36
    DLC Item Offset: 0x00000D37 to 0x00000D38

    I can keep going or you can just use the tool. :)

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    Thanks for these Tutorials. The first worked perfect so far.

    The save Editor does not work for me.. the data loads and then it says it's corrupt. Can anyone help me with this? Yes, it's an old game and these are old posts. Still, maybe? : )
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    I need help with finding out the inventory is on the hex. Because I've tried doing that and my save data was corrupted. I know bout the weapon hex as I did that. But I couldn't figure out the hex for the inventory. Also the Castlevania save editor DOESN'T work for PS3.
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    Sep 19, 2016
    Your save editor work for me on PS3^^
    I'm wonder if it's not the same method for xbox 360 version ? _?
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