Tutorial How To Make YouTube Videos Injects - Creating Flash YouTube VC Injections like a PRO!


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May 26, 2020
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Hello guys! Welcome back to mrt84! Today, We're going to do a tutorial on How To Create your own YouTube Videos WAD Injects. I the same thing as of Making your OWN Flash Game WAD Injects!

A few things you will need:

Y2mate - YouTube MP4 Converter Downloader - To Download YouTube Videos. From your computer! Here: https://www.y2mate.com/en24

Windows Movie Maker Classic Version 2016. To make the game in fullscreen! Get the 2016 version, Do NOT get the 2020 version.By clicking in the bottom "Older versions" & click on the first Download in the bottom middle "Windows Movie Maker Classic" & click Download Here: https://www.topwin-movie-maker.com/...load_free_version_of_windows_movie_maker.html
Convertio - MP4 TO SWF - Converting edited .mp4 to swf files.

The Base WAD Here the 2 Base WAD you could have.

The 1 BASE WAD Can be found in "WADS "Flash Injects" "BASE" with the Europe or BASE WAD.

ShowMiiWADs, U8Mii, Wii.cs Tools, U8Tool. To unpack, extract, & pack WADs.

CustomizeMii to edit Icons & Banners.

VCBrlyt to extract "banner.brlyt" allows you to edit the Banner year, number, system, or players. to ESRB Rating.

1. Downloading a YouTube Video MP4. go to www.youtube.com, & chosse a video that is nit long like a 2 or 3 mintune video makes ure the video is not too long or too many KBs files. Right Click & click "Copy" or "Cut" go to Y2mate & right click "Paste". Go to "Download" if you click "Download" & If is "16.00 MB" or higher. It will get a blackscreen when you click "Start" on the Wii Menu. Make sure to click on "144p. MP4" or lower. It will be 5.00 MB or 900 KB. if you chosse the lower quailty so click on "Download" & then click "Download" button again & save it to your Desktop.

2. Making a video mode in Fullscreen.

If you want to make a video mode in Fullscreen, You will need Windows Movie Maker then to make it in fullscreen. Download the App in the top middle by the requirements. Click "Videos & Photos" & chosse the video .mp4 file we just made! So go to "Project" If you want to chosse "Widescreen" then chosse "Widescreen" Otherwise if you want to chosse "4:3" the Standrad Screen then chosse "4:3" Aspect Ratio. Now click "Save movie" with the "Cone" black upside down & chosse "For computer" & then name your movie for example "Video_Title.mp4" & then click "Save" after is done uploading then we're ready to convert ".mp4" to a ".swf" file we'r using!

3. Converting "mp4" to a ".swf" file.

Go to "Convertio - MP4 TO SWF" Here:
https://convertio.co/mp4-swf/ by clicking "Chosse Files" & then chosse the video will just made earlier in Windows Movie Maker" & click on "Open" & click "Convert". After is done converting click "Download" & save it to the desktop.

4. Unpacking the WAD.

Drag your BASE WAD in "Wii.cs Tools" & then click "U8Mii.exe" & go to "Unpack" in the right. By clicking "File" & chosse a BASE WAD the Flash Placeholder you can chosse other Flash WADs if you want to! But let's contiune working on it. Now click "Open" & click "Unpack".

5. Extracting the 00000002.app

Go to "U8Mii" & click "Unpack" & chosse the 00000002.app & click on "Unpack".

6. Injecting the SWF file you want to INJECT.

After extracting the 00000002.app wit the perinces. Hit copy & paste your SWF file in your desktop It will be for a example "Game_Title - Copy" & rename it to "menu.swf" with the SWF you just converted. & now after renaming it replace it in "extracted wad/00000002.app_OUT/content/menu.swf" with the SWF file you want to inject. Okay NOW you replace the Old SWF file with a NEW SWF file you want to inject!

7. Packing the 00000002.app

Pack the 00000002.app back up not the folder just the .app file & then click "Pack"!

8. Packing the iNJECTED WAD!

Pack the WAD with all of it's contents. Make sure to chosse "Folder" with the WAD you just unpacked earlier & change the title ID to something & then PACK the WAD!

9. Changing the icons and names:

Change the display name of the channel to your name of choice, and change its ID to something unique (It’s not recommended to modify the first letter of the title ID). Using CustomizeMii, Modify the images “IconVCPic” and “VCPic” to match your game.

10. Extracting the "banner.brlyt"

Now, extract the banner.brlyt file and put it somewhere. Do the following customization steps:

    • Change the name to the name you chose previously and press the “set all” button.
    • Change the year to match your game and press the “set all” button.
    • Change the players amount to match your game. (e.g. 1, 1-4, 2-4)
    • Select the banner.brlyt file
    • Keep everything else exactly as is and save changes.
11. Creating the WAD

Go to back to "CustomizeMii.exe" & click "Replace" replace it with the file you just made the "banner.brlyt". & click "Create WAD" & hit "Yes" when the message appears & click "Save" & then It will say "Successfully created Custom Channel with the blocks in the Wii System Memory".

12. Install your iNJECTED Game on your Wii

You are all done, install the WAD file onto your Wii. Ensure you have BootMii or Priiloader installed on your Wii before installing the inject, or test with Dolphin, because things can go wrong if you are not careful enough. If it doesn't work and black screens, Then is because of the MBs sizes are probley too long. & It may not work correctly unless if you edited the video If it works great!

Credits to mrt84!
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