How to make your own AK2i Skins?

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    May 13, 2009
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    So I was looking at some skins on one of the sites that is linked to the Akaio wiki and decided that it can't be THAT hard so I tried it. Just as a test run I opened the top screen picture with paint and drew a couple of lines. Then I saved it and loaded it up onto my Ak2i only to find that the top screen was all nasty looking with lots of lines that shouldnt be there (not like the ones I drew) they were like I corrupted it or something...I didnt change the type of file or anything and I left everything in its place, what the heck happened? Can someone help me out with this, I have some really good ideas and would like to start making some for me and people who request certain ones. Thanks.
  2. WioWao

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    Nov 14, 2008
    I suggest you download Gimp at and when you save as .bmp make sure u tick X1 R5 G5 B5 in 16 bits. You probably saved it as 24 bits but the DS doesnt have that much colors.
    Or keep using paint but use AK Edit v1.2(Acekard Skin Editor). It will ask if you want to convert to 16-bit. If that doesnt work just use GIMP [​IMG] Much better than paint too. And remember X1 R5 G5 B5 16 bit. Else the Skin Editor will crash [​IMG] And it wont work properly on your DS.
    It is 16 bit because theres 5 bits for Red, Green and Blue and 1 for X wich i dont know what is for. Maybe alpha dunno [​IMG]
    5 bits = 32 different values. Up to 31 + the value 0. Wich is what the DS support. I remember this from playing around with DevKitpro(very nice btw) ^^
  3. dsjoes

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    Jun 1, 2008
    get the skin editor here
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