1. IxthusTiger

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    Mar 1, 2003
    United States
    Here's how I got Earth Bound to save [​IMG]

    Step 1: Build .ds.gba rom with the latest SnesDS
    Step 2: Open this rom with EZ Client
    Step 3: Check "Save patch"
    Step 4: Change UNKNOWN SAVE to SRAM
    Step 5: Click SEND
    Step 6: Rename the files on your card to ds.gba (because the client just patched them into .gba) and don't forget to change the save file to .ds.sav as well

    You can also load any current save you have (from ZSNES for example) by renaming the srm file to .ds.sav and putting it in the SAVER folder.

    This is a cool work around that might work for other applications that use SRAM [​IMG]
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