how to make skins for the cyclo ds,and r4?

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    I am just wondering how,and is it hard.
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    they have created skin creators for both the Cyclo DS and R4 !!

    here are the links !

    Cyclo Edit helps you manage your Cyclo DS and it even has a Skin Manager for you people that wanna make skins for your Cyclo DS !

    R4 Theme Creator Alice supports " Drag and Drop " . So all you need to do it drag your pictures onto the R4 Theme Creator then the picture will resize it self to fit !

    but with the R4 Theme Creator it adds a tag on the page for games , it says "R4 The Creator Alice" ! to make it look more professional you can edit that out xD

    those are probably the best choices onto creating skins for both Flash Carts [​IMG]

    so yea hope it helps !