How to make proper Custom Pokemon GBA VC?

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  1. noctis90210

    noctis90210 GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Dec 24, 2013
    I downloaded the latest Ultimate GBA VC injector tool by @Asdolo
    but i have no idea what settings should i use...
    I prefer the settings on how the original GBA VC works...

    Im planning to make a cia version of these games:
    Pokemon RSE
    Pokemon FRLG
    Pokemon Pinball RS
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team

    Question 1:
    With regards on save fix/save corrupt message fix found here. (Credit to @Asia81 & @AmeenX )
    These games are only applicable on RSE/FRLG.Do we also need to use the hex fix on Pokemon Pinball RS & Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team?

    Question 2:
    On Step 1, the process is automatic once a rom is loaded...
    But i dont know if we should also check the RTC checkbox on FLASH 512?

    Question 3:
    On Step 4, like ive said, i want to make settings/parameters looks like the original GBA VC.
    On Ghosting Adjustment and Color Config, what should i choose?
    Does the original GBA VC supports Sleep or not?

    Question 4:
    Since Pokemon RSE/FRLG/MysteryDungeonRedRescueTeam automatically chooses FLASH 512 on step 1
    It means theres no need to use SRAM patch on step 4?

    Question 5:
    Only Pokemon Pinball RS automatically chooses SRAM on step 1. Do i need to apply SRAM patch on Step 4? (im just curious also, what is sram patch?)

    Question 6:
    Do i need to use IPS Patch (I also dont know whats IPS patch?)

    Question 7:
    Is there a way to inject a game save from VBA emulator to Custom GBA VC?

    sorry if i have lots of question
    anyway. thanks a lot guys!!!
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  2. Darthlink9

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    Feb 18, 2016
    United States
    I was wondering about some of these myself. I know that R/S/E actually HAVE a clock, so checking the RTC option might be needed for them, BUT, I know FRLG do NOT have a clock, and therefor no clock based events, so I don't think there's a need to use the RTC option for them. you probably won't need to use an ips patch, as those are more for hackroms i.e Liquid crystal, Crystaldust, Firered Omega, etc. but I'm not 100% sure. you can inject a save from your emu to the VC, using AGBsave9, but frankly (at least in my opinion) it's a pain in the ass and not worth it. hope I helped a little bit, at least. guess the best advice here is to "try stuff out and see what works".

    EDIT: checking the RTC option tends to white screen crash all my roms, better to leave that unchecked. as far as ghosting adjustments, just leave them as is, there's not really any noticeable visual difference leaving them as and playing on an actual GBA. You shouldn't need to SRAM patch anything that already selects it as default, unless there's a save issue somewhere. This edit should solve 90% of your issues, if not, let me know, and we'll figure this out together.
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