How to make my internet more secure

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    Aug 13, 2007
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    Hey guys,

    I was looking for any advice on making my internet connection more secure, but am unable to put money into things right now, so I need ideas and maybe some freeware type stuff if possible.

    I am on a DSL connection, no router, windows XP pro, static IP (switched from dynamic to run teamspeak, games, etc...). I basically don't want any joe with computer knowledge to be able to access my PC and would like a bit more anonymity online, for example when I P2P.

    I would love suggestions on settings, freeware, and advice which could help me do this.

    Basically, I hate reading the signatures here and seeing all my IP addresses and PC info. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    See that hole in your wall?
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    The normal answer to P2P around here is get usenet but pecuniary issues would discount that one (if your ISP has the option then go that, check out the various usenet threads around here though as they are full of suggestions).

    Some people use IP blacklists (I forget the names unfortunately as I do not use them) but they are far from flawless (those who would mess with things can change easier than breathing).

    Others tunnel their stuff through things like onion (TOR) or VPN (virtual private network(ing)) to other computers but speed will take a hit and I would be wary of those who offer a free VPN connection.

    Encrypt your traffic: most torrent clients provide for this to some degree although that really just stops people easily being able to see what is being transmitted rather than who and where to.

    Get a firewall and some good AV software. I suggest comodo and AVG free respectively.
    Get one of those windows tweakers and redo the security options.
    Use less common programs (more IE hacks than firefox/opera etc):
    Oh a nice thread with various apps which are all free and has the above linked:

    As for the signatures that is your browser for the most part, there are various plugins/options that can send false data and a proxy connection will likely render the IP display fairly useless although it is not really a barrier to the more determined person.
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    Antivirus : AVG free or clamAV. ClamAV doesn't disinfect files IIRC.
    Antispyware : Spybot S&D, Spywareblaster, a² free. a² is just overkill for when spybot doesn't clean EVERYTHING and you get paranoid.
    P2P scare : Peerguardian. The torrent network is notoriously BAD at anonymity. Bram Cohen said it himself. Try using emule's overnet or what emule calls kademlia. Still, unless you download child porn, stop with the paranoia. Chances you'll be arrested for downloading roms, divx movies and MP3s are statistically lower than winning the lottery or getting hit by lightning.

    If you install tor, don't complain if your best download speed is 20k/s, it's the price you have to pay. On the other hand, you'll be able to visit pedophile and terrorist websites. Yay, I guess!
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    Man, ask for help with net security and automatically you are a pirate and a pedophile. [​IMG]

    Just for the record...I am not a pedophile! [​IMG]

    Now as for the pirate thing....well....Arrrrgh... [​IMG]

    Thanks a ton for the tips guys. I am actually using a few of the things you listed and am going to check out some of the other stuff. People here are always so helpful (at least until you ask to get GBA games from slot 1) [​IMG]

    Thanks again for the tips. [​IMG]
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    I recommend Avira over AVG. It has the highest detection ratio for known and new viruses out of any antivirus available (free or premium). Also one of the faster scanners.
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    Oct 11, 2007
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    AVG Free Edition (free)
    AVG Spyware (since you P2P i think you will be able to pirate it)
    Ccleaner (its free and its good)
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    May 20, 2006
    For p2p security, turn on RC4 encryption on and run Peer Guardian 2 while downloading. Also try to upload as little as you can (Not nice, but meh)
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    Mar 10, 2007
    Save up a LITTLE bit and buy a router. Any consumer grade router is a better firewall than ZoneAlarm and the other software firewalls. A router also keeps your IP translated (i.e. Network Address Translation, or NAT) making it a little bit harder for random people to connect directly to you.

    If you REALLY can't afford under $100 for a router, at least keep your Windows Firewall turned on and allow only the traffic you want to get through (i.e. TeamSpeak).

    I DON'T recommend ZoneAlarm because has gotten far too basic compared to their paid Pro version.

    ** Firewall **
    Try this for a firewall (to compliment the windows firewall)

    It has a lot of features and it's free.

    ** Anti-Virus **
    Free AV

    A few of my friends use this (I use NOD32 personally, not free though) and have had good luck with it.

    ** Anti-Spyware **
    Spyware Terminator

    I use this personally. It's a great product that has something normally free scanners don't have: auto-protection.