How to make cash doing nothing!

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Feb 26, 2007
Essentially this is a way to get some cash while playing WoW (or doing anything else while your computer is turned on). The cash aint THAT good in the beginning. But you can easily earn enough to pay for your wow subscribtion each month. And you dont have to do any work at all.

What you need:
A computer with internet connection (duh)
A AlertPay(it's like paypal but better) account (You can get one at if you dont have one already)

I would apreciate if you would put "neigan" as referer when you sign up for the sites. But ofcourse, this is 100% up to you. Only do it if you feel like it.

Paid to click sites work by you clicking a link to open an add and look at it for 30 seconds. Then you recieve a small ammount (you can make quite alot of money over a long run. Read below if you want details). But we all know its boring to look at those adds. Autoclickers will click the links for you. You dont even have to open a browser window.

Anyways, no more yabbing.

The paid to click site is:

Use this link if you wanna sign up: | .view .click .make money

You register at them like any normal site. Just click register/join, fill out the form and click the confirmation email.

After logging in you can click browse adds if you wanna look at em manually. But thats no fun.

Autoclicker links:
No pass

When you unzip the programs you will get a folder that looks like this:


Simply run the marked program and a window like this will pop up:


You type in your username/password for the paid to click site (You should always use another pass/username than you normally use elsewhere). Personally i use "check between 1 and 3 minutes". This is how often the program will check for new adds. Now you simply press start and wait. The program will automaticly browse the adds and make you money.
You can also minimize the programs without problems (they will go to your taskbar in the lowest right corner). They will still click while beeing minimized.

If you wanna make some real money with this (in the beginning you wont make THAT much. But it doesnt require any work, so its free and easy money ). Then you should use the money you earn to upgrade to a premium account at the sites or buy ref's. This will greatly improve your profit. If you want a guide regarding this then let me know. Personally i used the first few payouts to buy ref's and upgrade on adbux. And now i pay for 3 wow accounts each month with this without problems, and still get a few bucks on my paypal account
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