Question How to make a proper dump of a game card?

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    Jun 16, 2019
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    I'm having trouble using nxdumptool to dump my game cards, it says it makes a successful dump when the process is complete, but when I try to install it onto my emuMMC using Tinfoil, it always comes up as corrupted data and won't let me launch it. I never have this problem when I dump my games I bought from the eShop, those dumps work no problem. I've tried using both .xci and .nsp formats for the game card dumping and neither of them work. I already have the correct patches to use Tinfoil or else I wouldn't be able to install my other dumps, I am using firmware 8.1.0 with AMS 0.9.2, the main partition on my SD card is formatted to exFAT so it does support large files. Can anyone help me out?