How to make a "Perfect Chocolate Cake

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    Ok, now that I got your attention, i can talk about something completly unrelated to the title.
    Edit: I accedently pressed enter when typing the title, after the text, so it was an accedental post >.<
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    It's okay, everyone prefers strawberry cake anyways
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    I will accept unlicensed GBAchef but this is unacceptable.

    Also we would have to figure out whether we are making a Guinness chocolate cake or a regular chocolate cake. Equally we have to figure out what the local ingredients are; the means to make a nice cake if you are using American imitation chocolate substance are rather different than what you get to do if you live in somewhere like France or Belgium. Even with all that we also get to figure out if white chocolate is going to feature in this.

    There is also some scope for end user preference but I will maintain that anywhere or anyone that thinks triple chocolate is an acceptable way to set about life is a philistine.

    You do know GBAtemp is all about the pie, right?
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