How to make a backup copy

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    Can I copy an xbox360 game on my pc? I got that game copy program but still can't [​IMG]
    My imgburn - the same. No full iso.
    Maybe there is a tool on jtag to copy it on xbox and ftp it back?
    Maybe I have to hook up xbox drive to my pc?
    I can't find anything.
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    I know I already spoke to you but in case another is reading

    You can make a backup of a backup with IMGburn, not with an original.

    Rip an iso straight to the drive- not with JTAG. You can rip a game to have it work on a JTAG (freestyle dash and xexmenu should have the feature) but not a usable/working ISO. has more on how to rip isos.
    Generally though flash a so called 0800 firmware (1.6NS should still have it if you start it tray half open, if you are on LT you will have to flash it to an 0800 firmware) and xbox backup creator. You can not rip SSv3 but if you have a JTAG that will not bother you and you can always download SSv3 later (a few vs a few gigs I guess is worth it)- not much of a problem as there are still only three games that use SSv3.

    There are methods using hacked PC drives (kreon drives) but they do not do SSv2 (again you can download them if you want), personally I like to at least have the ability to rip SSv2.

    Likewise it is probably a bit outdated but the FAQ at the top has a nice overview on ripping games.