How to load 4+GB ISO backups?

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    Jun 13, 2010
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    Hi all.
    First of all, I'm sorry is this question sounds weird to you all, but I'm really new to the Wii world.
    I've the Homebrew channel working on my Wii but am encountering a little problem in playin my precious ISO backups.
    All of them are no smaller than 4.5GB (DVD data size).
    I can browse any USB storage device which is FAT formatted but, you'll know, FAT doesn't allow 4+GB files by design.
    Formatting the USB strage to NFTS doesn't help as the device browser gets stuck.
    How can I solve this problem?
    I've read about the WBFS, but what's actually needed to have it working on the Wii and on my *Linux PC*?
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    note that you have a third option

    *.wbfs images on fat/ntfs

    in any case I would sugest ogzees wbfs_file or wimms wwt

    ps I would NEVER grant wine direct disk access
    sounds just plain wrong to me