How to link GBA on M3 Sakura 1.12+1?

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by Technologyc, Nov 27, 2008.

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    how would i establish the link for GBA step by step?
    the instructions don't seem to help me much on the FAQ page.
    i'm using the 3in1 EZFlash

    if it's not possible to play GBA games from the interface how would i do it on M3 Real?
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    I'll just move this for you to appropriate section, you'll have better chances of getting your answer there!
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    You have two options, both of which involve the GBA Exploader utility:[*]Load the GBA ROM into NOR memory. The ROM will be saved in this memory, so you can use the linkage without setting any options. This is best if you plan on using only one link.[*]Set the 3-in-1 to Expansion RAM mode with GBA Exploader. Afterward, set the linkage in the options screen as instructed in the FAQ. You will need to open GBA Exploader every time you want to use the link, but if you have several games with different corresponding GBA ROMs, this is the fastest way to do so.