How To Keep The Bow of Light With NPC and Shrines

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    • Save Before The Ganon Fight (Important)
    • Ability to defeat Calamity Ganon
    • Patience

    Part 1: Get out of the Barrier

    This is the easiest part if you do it right but it can be frustrating if you it doesn't work.
    You may want to watch youtube tutorial to see a visual example but this is my method:
    1. Touch the barrier with your horse.
    2. Ride along the barrier while being parallel to it (important) and that you are touching it (making that annoying sound).
    3. Dismount your horse and hope that you get off on the right side. If you do this correctly, you should clip through the barrier and say goodbye to your horse trapped with ganon.
    Part 2: Get To Lurelin Village and Activating Teleportation
    You may want to find a horse because it will take a while to get there. If you don't know where the village is, you can check out this.
    1. After reaching the village go to the chest minigame in one of the houses at the end of the village.
    2. After activating the minigame, an NPC should appear and ask you to do the game but you can decline.
    3. You should now be able to teleport and save. Do not save yet. Teleport to the Hateno or Lurelin village shrine (not required but its recommended) to activate an autosave.
    4. Go to your menu and check your available saves. If an autosave is created, restart BOTW (not sure if this is required) and load that autosave.
    5. Shrines and NPCs should have reappeared. :yayswitch:
    6. If you cannot teleport, go into shrines, etc, go back to Lurelin Village and activate the minigame again. Those features should work again.
    7. If you have a soul, go to a stable and teleport your horse away from Ganon
    Part 3: Thing You Should Know
    • You should not save after doing this and just keep activating autosaves. Just in case Nintendo patches/breaks something in the glitch or there are other problems.
    • If you do want to save, I recommend that you save at Lurelin Village because of the below
    • Every time you reload BOTW, you will need to redo the chest minigame because teleporting/entering shrines will be locked again. NPC should not disappear however.
    • The Ganon boss fight is still active and if you go near it, Zelda will start annoying you again (Karma, I guess).
    • Activating the Calamity Ganon fight again in hyrule castle will break the game.
    • It is possible to go back into the boss fight with a horse.
    • The Master Sword will lose energy if you get far enough away from the boss fight.
    • You have selfishly left Zelda to die by the hands (paws?) of Ganon for an OP bow
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I hope this helped you and if there are problems that happen during or after this glitch please tell me so I can add it to the tutorial.
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    This was not possible before the 1.2 patch (before 1.2, reloading saves would not change anything. The world would remain empty of NPCs/Shrines). It seems the latest patch changed something to where reloading the save restores NPCs/Shrines. This was not the case before.
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    After DLC Patch, shrines and NPC are invisible again. I will test more to see if there is a fix