How To Install XP ON My HP DV6700 Notebook PC

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    Hello Guys!
    As I have just purchased a HP Pavilion DV6700 Notebook PC. I want to Install XP on it not because i don`t like Vista but because that many programs that i use in my University don`t work on it. I am studying Software Engineering. I love Vista but i want to install XP. Can anyone please give me a detailed guide on how to install XP on Vista and where to download all the drivers. If posting the drivers is against the rules than please PM me. I hope the kind people here will help me in Installing XP. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Obtain XP

    Insert into CD/DVD Drive
    Boot from CD using BIOS menu
    Follow the On Screen Guide

    Common Drivers will be installed, If the required Drivers have not been installed you can try online or the cd which you usually get with what you want plugged in.
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    just nlite it up nice