Hacking ***[How To]How To Downgrade Works With 3.4 [Noob Proof]***


Feb 10, 2009
You Must Have Rev 7 Installed

Download The Files Needed Here:

This Works With 3.4 And Lower Firmware

1. Make A Folder Called Apps on The Root Of your SD Card

2. Make A Folder Called wad On The Root Of Your SD Card

3. Put The Files That Are Inside: Put In apps Folder. In The Apps Folder

That is On Your SD Card that You Just Made.

4. Put The Files That Are Inside: Put In wad Folder. In Your wad Folder

That is On Your SD Card That You Just Made.

5. Put the SD card in your Wii™. Start Up The Homebrew Channel

Find and Open WADManager 1.3, install IOS16-64-v257.wad

Press A And A Again

Using The D-pad to Scroll Down Untill you Find This File:


Press The Plus Button On the File

Then Press A and wait.

6. When That is Done Press Home Then go back to the homebrew channel and open WadManagerIOS16

Then Find The File Called cios_fix.wad

Press The Plus Button On the File

Then Press A And Wait

When It Is Finished Press The Home Button On The Remote

7. Now Go Back To The Homebrew Channel and Find And Open

cIOS Downgrader 1.2,

Scroll Down Using The D-pad

choose Your Region

3.2E If You Are PAL (I'm PAL)

3.2U If You Are NTSC

3.2J If You Live In Japan

I Recommend You Downgrade to 3.2 Cause In My Next Videos You Will Need 3.2 Fireware Of Wii

But Again The Same Thing Applys On Your Region If Your Not Going to Downgrade To 3.2

When You Have Selected Your Firmware

Again Press The Plus Button

And Then A And Then Wait For It To Finish

Then Press Home To Restart Your Wii

(If Your Wii Does Not Restart Turn It Off at the power point)

8. Now Go Back To The Homebrew Channel Find And Open IOS Downgrader 1.0

Start The Downgrade And Wait

9. Now When You Get Back To The Wii Menu you Will Find That

The Disc Channel needs an Updated To Play A game If You Have Mario kart Wii Put That In The Wii And Do The Update.
This Game Only Needs An Update To Play It And your firware will Stay At 3.2

I Recommend You Hire Mario Kart Wii Out and Update The Disc Channel

WARNING: Some Games Need And Update to a higher firware Like Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City Needs An Update to firware 3.3 But If You Accidentally Update To A Higher Firware Just Do these Steps Again And Downgrade Again.

And I Forgot To Say:


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