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    Jul 28, 2004
    Hi, I dont usually post, but after searching and trying everything i could think of, I finally gave up.

    I would like to play BOTW with english text and latin american spanish voice. My console language is set to english and my region to Mexico.

    I have CBHC 1.6, I installed the USA version with wup installer, then with ftpiiu everywhere and filezilla I have tried to:

    -delete all other voice folder expect spanish one
    -Delete files from english folder and copy the spanish files into the english folder
    -tried to rename the folders, but couldnt do it, it seems i dont have enough permission, i get a 550 success message which i have read means not enough permission and the folder does not change its name

    The update folder also have the voice folders, I have also tried changing them. Do i need to also change the voice folders in the update data?

    Nothing works, the game crashes when zelda is about to speak "open you eyes" and i get error 150-3033

    Also the spanish files are less; 906 files, 90 folders (106mb) compared with the english ones, 912 files, 92 folders (101mb). Could that be the problem? I have also tried to add the "missing" files of the spanish folder from the english one, thus having also 912 files and 92 folders in the spanish folder, and with this merged folder i have tried all of the above but i get the same results......

    What am i missing?? I have read 1 or 2 comments saying its possible but I cant get it to work
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