How to Get Your Legit PKM to work on WiFi

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    Ok Heres is Steps on "How you can get Legit Gen I-V Pkm made to work on WiFi for Random Matches"
    This Requires 2 DS with A Retailed Pokemon B/W and a Flashcart(Any Will Do)
    1.Get Any of your Legit PKMs from D/P/PT/HG/SS
    2.Save you PKMs from Pokesav
    3.Open your .sav File in B/W Pokesav
    4.Load you PKMs to your B/W.sav
    5.Edit your PKM and make sure they are Legit
    6.Put the Sav on the Flashcart
    7.Load Up Both Games and go to the Union Room
    8.Trade Pkm Over
    9.Test and see if Pokemon will go on Random Matches
    Edit: NVM i got Salamence to Work