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    Getting the Therian Form Event Key Item​

    Reflecting Mirror/Revealing Glass​


    okay, for everyone that is either unable to get the event due to not having a 3DS or not having the "official" game, this here will allow players for US/UK versions of the game to get the therian forms of their genies, now this is a rough tutorial thrown together at last minute, but im cleaning it up, hope everyone can understand it

    1. have a .pkm file of a therian form landorus
    * If you cannot find one, search project pokemon's database or go

    2. have to know your TID/SID (should be easy with next item)

    3. Need pokegen
    here is the direct link from project pokemon​
    its were it says 3.1.10

    4. use these codes below for your corresponding game:

    W2U (PAR)
    521659FC 2000DB01
    121659FC 0000E010
    D2000000 00000000
    B2U (PAR)
    521659BC 2000DB01
    121659BC 0000E010
    D2000000 00000000
    @original credit of jpn version codes ~ Trance of http://projectpokemon.org
    @credit for the newly converted codes ~ Bond697 of http://projectpokemon.org

    ok, input those codes into your cheat database,save the database that you edited onto your computer, i've had my cheats corrupt on me so make backups of it, once that is done, load your save into pokegen, then load the therian form from this tut/guide into your save,possibly load that file into an empty box if you can, once loaded you want to go into 'OT/Misc" tab and click on load from save file and it should change the trainer's info to your info.

    once that is done, go into "Met" tab and put a check in fateful encounter if going through that and you have everything set, Right-click on the poke you just edited and click "SET" if you do not do that then all that hard work is for nothing, save your save file and go with it, with the new code on and take the therian form poke to abundant shrine, you should receive the reflecting mirror/revealing glass key item
    now you can toss the hacked landorus and if you have legit roamers from B1/W1 then you can use those with the mirror, have fun and hope this helps out a lot

    Been verified this code works and once turned off the key item should work, its having no problem on my white 2 (US), so follow this guide and you will be able to get the item too
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