How To Get The Homebrew Channel On 4.0 Virgin Wii

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    May 4, 2009
    Thanks To These People:

    assassda (For The Safe 4.0 Update Guide)

    Davi92 (For The Downgrader Tut)

    (And For Me To Converting The Downgrader Tut to Bannerbomb Version)


    We Are Going To Downgrade The Wii Then Install The Homebrew Channel Then Update The Safe Wayto 4.0

    How To Get BaNNeRBoMB:

    ****Step 1****
    Get a SD card. If it has a private directory, rename it temporarily, e.g. to "privateold". Having other saved channels on the same card will screw it up.

    Download This:

    and unzip it onto the SD card.
    Get a DOL or ELF and put it on the SD as /boot.dol or /boot.elf. (Just To Test It)

    Press (Wii), Data Management, Channels, SD. Then insert the card. It should either pop up Load /boot.dol? or freeze.
    If it pops up a dialog, then fill out the survey.
    If it freezes, follow these diagnostics:
    Did you use the SD menu (4.0) or click Savedata instead of Channels? If so, then you're dumb
    Otherwise, try a different version. The system menu is somewhat unpredictable; while most people should be able to use version i don't know yet, some might need another version. Try these versions:

    aad1e v102

    aad20 v102

    aad22 v102

    aad26 v102

    Downgrading (NEEDS BaNNeRBoMB)

    No cIOS required!

    Download This File

    1) Unpack the File linked above.

    2) Do a full backup of your SD card on the PC, and DELETE everything from the card.
    (Except The Private Folder From The Banner Bomb Tutorial Keep It On Sd card)

    3)Copy The CMDVDX34.dol To Your Sd card And Rename It To Boot.dol

    4) launch BannerBomb and select CMDVDX34, then pick "Downgrade IOS35", wait for it to end and come back to the menu, then exit.

    (If it says "Failed to add title, maybe you already ran this?", Download IOS35-64-v1040.wad
    and make a wad folder on the sd card and put it in there install it using WMIOS35.dol Through bannerbomb Don't forget to rename it to boot.dol and put it on the sd card then exit and continue to follow this guide).

    5) Open Up downgradehelper.bat in the "PC" folder of the archive, (You May need to right click and run it as administrator for it to work) Press 1 then type in the code it says in the top bit of the app that pops up then down the bottom is the pack the WAD Option tick the box then Press Start NUS Download

    6) Copy the cios wad in the wad folder or make a folder called wad in the SD card and put it there

    7) Now Rename The WMIOS35.dol To Boot.dol And replace it with the other boot.dol that is on the root of your sd card

    8) Launch BannerBomb again, and run WMIOS35.

    9) Install ciosv9.wad.

    10) Exit again, and Rename IOSDowngraderv1.dol to a boot.dol and replace it with the one on your sd card Next Go Back to the wii and run banner bomb

    11) Next Go back to The Computer and rename Cios Downgrader to boot.dol and replace it with the one already on the root of your sd card Run bannerbomb and pick 3.2

    Pick 3.2J If You Are Japanese

    Pick 3.2U If You Are Americna

    Pick 3.2E If You Live In Another Courty Besides america or japan

    Now You Will Be At 3.2 firware Now Get The

    Homebrew Channel boot.dol From Here:

    Replace The Boot.dol With The One that is already on The Root of Your Sd card

    Next Go Back To The Wii And Run Banner Bomb it should load the homebrew channel installation

    Keep Pressing The 1 Button then you will have the homebrew channel

    4.0 Guide:


    What You Will Need

    Homebrew Channel Installed
    SD card
    Working Internet connection
    Download This File

    1) Make A Folder Called cIOS rev9 In The Folder Called Apps that is on your sd card Install cIOS36 rev9 using WAD install mode

    Download This File:

    2) Next Do The Same As Step One Except Called The Folder cIOS Downgrder 1.2, Downgrade to 3.2 using cIOS Downgrader even if you are already on 3.2

    Download This File:

    3) Again Do The Same As The Last 2 Steps Except Call The Folder 4.0 Updater Run the 4.0 Updater

    Download This File:

    4) Once Again Except Make The Folder Called IOS60 Updater
    Run the IOS60 updater

    say NO to install IOS61
    say YES to install IOS60
    say YES to patch IOS60
    say NO to install the shop channel

    Download This File

    5) This App Will Prevent Bricks. Like The First 2 steps except Call The Folder Preloader Next Install It By Pressing Reboot The Wii And The Preloader Menu Will Come Up Go To Settings Using The D-pad Disable Auto Boot And Enable Reboot To System Menu

    Have Fun [​IMG]
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    It's really nice that you took the time to write this tutorial, but that's probably the 10th today. Don't you think there are enogh at some point?

    And you really shouldn't hotlink the banner bomb files. People should have the chance to fill out the survey on their website.
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    May 4, 2009

    And I Think This One is the best one you will find out of the 10 of them posted today
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    Not really... you have people downgrading to 3.2 when it's clarly not needed and then upgrading to 4.0 again. o.O
    And why shouldn't japanese be able to do the 4.0 step?