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    Oct 2, 2013
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    I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm trying to convert games to bootable format for the PSP TOOL. Part of the requirements of sign_np are that you have the game's CID. Conveniently any game on PSN has its full CID in the URL. But this does not help when a game is not on PSN (Metal Gear Ac!d for example).

    I've tried read-sfo but it only gives part of the complete CID.

    A complete CID (this one taken from a PSN URL) looks like:

    Where-as read-sfo only gives me the UCUS98620 portion. Param.sfo editor is equally flawed when it comes to reading PSP param.sfo files, unfortunately.

    Is there a program I'm missing out there that can do this? Is there another means?
  2. Kitsu-neechan

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    Apr 9, 2015
    you mean TOOL as a devkit ?

    i lost my devkit stuff a few months back in a hdd crash, so i'll just go by memory here but if you want to make a commercial game bootable on a devkit, all you have to do is decrypt the eboot.bin and place the decrypted copy as a boot.bin
    devkits wont run encrypted files, nor EBOOT.BIN, they only boot from BOOT.BIN.

    as far as the whole deal with the content ID stuff, that basically only applies when you create bootable DVD images for the devkit to run. this should work just fine using the string found from umddata.bin
    as for reading the umddata.bin, just open with hex editor or notepad.

    I dont really remember the specifics too well, but then again, i never had issues running games on a kit either :P
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