How to get patches and trainers to work

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    Ok, I have no idea how to patch a rom or use a trainer so I'm asking for help, mainly to patch use a trainer with a rom.

    What do I need in order to apply the patch? And can someone walk me through the steps I need to do? I'm still kinda new to all of this so I have no idea what needs to be done. I use an M3 mini sd in case that matters any.

    Thanks. [​IMG]
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    Trainers come in three forms: IPS, XDelta and BSDiff

    Edit: Once you patched the roms (you patch before you write) burn as usual, you can usually do any fiddling with the rom as well (I dropped the intro to castlevania after patching).

    IPS, I suggest using GBATA:

    Some alternative patchers:

    XDelta download page That version is for windows although it originally was a linux app and I believe there is a mac version around somewhere as well.

    The syntax is as follows xdelta patch (patchname) (original file) output file)

    Here is the command line I gave with my NSMB translations:
    rename *.nds NSMB.nds
    xdelta patch TRANS2.patch NSMB.nds NSMBfre.nds
    With regard to a GUI the NINJA2.0 betas had a kind of frontend (you needed the xdelta app in the same dir) but things are a bit hazy regarding its present state:

    BSDiff (a lot of the release group made trainers):
    Here is a batch file I made for the sonic rush trainer
    rename *.nds sonic.nds
    bspatch sonic.nds sonictrainer.nds V-SONICT.BDF
    simply put it goes bspatch original.file new.file patch.bdf
    You may also need a copy of bspatch (the trainers came with it but GBATemp removed the exe files from the archive):
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    OMG Thank you so much [​IMG] So detailed. I appreciate the work. [​IMG]
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    So...i dont see any answer fot this do i need some help a newbie in DS emulation...
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    Patches and trainers usually come with their own readme files. If not try using the search function to look up information about specific patches/trainers.