How to get custom music in Splatoon!

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  1. BarrelRoller64

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    Feb 20, 2016
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    Alright! This is highly anticipated ( I think (or a tutorial has already been made.)) So let's get right into to it! NOTE: To do this you need either a Windows Computer or Android phone. (Sorry Mac and iOS users)

    Step 1 - Initial setup

    Have cafiine set up and make a folder in the game mod files, for the Offliine android app, this is SD:/Offline/Cafiine/xxxx-xxxx (Sorry I don't currently know where they Go for windows, if I find out, I'll update this, if you know how to use cafiine, you should know what your doing anyway.) You need to replace xxxx-xxxx with either

    EU - 00050000-10176A00

    US - 00050000-10176900

    JP - 00050000-10162B00

    Step 2 - Getting Music.

    You need .bfstm files. I use , but there is a way to make these files, I just don't know how.

    Step 3 - Setting up the folders

    Inside your xxxx-xxxx folder, make another folder called vol and inside vol make a folder called content and inside content, make a folder called Sound and inside Sound (note the capital letter) make a folder called Resource and inside Resource make a folder called Stream. So you should have vol/content/Sound/Resource/Stream. You want to put your .bfstm files inside Stream.

    Step 4 - Naming the files correctly.

    Now to do this you have two options, the long way, dumping your game or the quick way, go to this link: U/Splatoon.rar. and it should start downloading Splatoon.rar. Inside the rar, they'll be a folder called Stream. Go into there and there will be all splatoon's original music files. If you want to know which one is which, use UWizard's handy music tool. Now all you need to do is rename your file to the name of one of the original files and place it inside Stream inside the xxxx-xxxx folder.

    Step 5 - Loading the mods.

    On windows, start up caffiine and you'll see an IP, on android, load Offliine and tap both boxes to start Cafiine and Offliine. Don't close the app or program and don't rotate your phone. Now go to on the Wii u browser and from the menu select Cafiine + Kernel. A video will load and quit the browser. Now go back to and on the gamepad a black screen with an IP and an coffee cup in the corner will appear change the IP shown to the one Cafiine is showing you, press A, boot Splatoon and if done correctly, you should have custom music!

    If there is anything wrong with the tutorial please tell me so I can fix it. Also remember kids, Google is your friend. Thank you for reading and I hope it works!

    EDIT: You can download my mods! extract it WinRar place it in your cafiine mod folder and rename the folder with to one of the numbers from further up. Also not every file added in updates are in Splatoon.rar so you'll need to download the update files with UWizard and find a way to get splatoon's title.tik to decrypt the contents, you could get through dumping your game but remember, google is your friend.
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  2. VinLark

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    Jun 11, 2016
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    Cool! I don't own Splatoon but I'm sure this will be useful to others!