How to get CIA seeds and DLC?

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    Someday the servers will be gone forever how am I supposed to get the seeds? Are those seeds already included in good CIAs downloaded from tools like FunKeyCIA or is there a way to download seeds separately for offline import or integrated in a good CIA if it's not included in the first place?

    Some DLC such as MH4U's requires users to manually download them in the game, such as the quests and palicoes which are not included in the DLC CIA, and if I am correct, those downloaded data are bound to the 3DS ID of some sort, how can I ensure I don't miss them once the server is down in the future other than downloading them beforehand?

    Sorry if this has been asked so many times, just link me to a relevant thread that I might have missed and I'll read without wasting your time answering similar question again, thanks
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    I may be talking about something different here but on the few games I have had that needed seeds (which means the game only boots to Nintendo3DS screen and stops there, which means I have to go to FBI and import seed for that specific game)...

    I install the game.
    Go to FBI and import seed for that game.
    Then I dump that installed game with Decrypt9.

    And from then on when I install that game on another 3ds I never have to import seed again.

    I know I had to do that to Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow because for quite awhile I had to import seed every time I installed those on a 3ds, but then I had this idea.
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    Okay, I tested this again and it works fine. I was misremembering one part though. I used Hourglass9, not Decrypt 9 to redump the game to cia.

    To test this I found a random game that needs seed imported. (Justice Chronicles. When I install it, it just hangs on Nintendo 3DS screen.)

    So this should do it:

    #1 Install your game via cia.
    #2 Then go to FBI and import seed for that game via the titles option (make sure you write down the title id # for hourglass9 later)
    #3 Then go to Hourglass9 (I used Hourglass9-20170607-104740) and do Misc... > SysNAND title to CIA > find that title #) and make sure you have aeskeydb.bin in your files9 folder if it exists (or in root if no files9 folder)

    Then let it do its magic and when it is done you will have a cia of that game that you will never have to import seed for again.
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    Seeds are by definition not included in the cia; however, once you have them (in some format understandable by your tools, not necessarily installed in its official place - the FS driver's save) you can decrypt the title and build a version without seed encryption (and unless you are really going out of your way, also without regular titleid-and-slot0x??KeyX encryption) for your backup convenience :)

    The kind of "DLC" you're mentioning (which you claim isn't backed up by backing up the game's DLC title), like event items in Animal Crossing, Pokemon, or Tomodachi Life, are technically not DLC at all - just the game doing something to your save according to instructions received from a server (manually, by the game's logic, or via Spotpass): so backup your save and extdata for the affected games!
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