How to Get CakesFW Working - v2016999 Supports Eating the Cake

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    1. Get a cake.
    2. You can help yourself to eating some of it because cake is wonderful.
    3. Install CakesFW.
    4. Installing is easier than ever, you just put it on your SD Card and it will boot up.
    5. Feed your 3DS cake.
    6. Keep feeding it to your 3DS.
    7. You should see a lot of Amiibos appear surrounding you.
    8. No, this is not a fake Amiibo such as the NaMiiO or the Amiiqo.
    9. This has real Amiibo figures.
    10. You should see every game released for the DS and 3DS surround you.
    11. You don't only have the physical game cartridges but they all are installed.
    12. You will have save files which have every released game completed.
    13. Every cheat code for every released game will be available.
    14. Manuals for every released game will be available.
    15. Your dreams will come true.
    16. Have fun.
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