How to format GameCube Memory Card on Wii?

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    Nov 1, 2011
    Hi, I need some help if anyone would be kind enough. I recently got GC gamepad and Memory Card for my Wii but Mem Card seems to be damaged(?). TLoZ:Wind Waker says "The device inserted in Slot A is not a Memory Card. Please insert a functional Memory Card in Slot A." and Wii under 'Data Management' says "The device inserted in Slot A cannot be used." This is the card I bought, one of the comments says "Had to format it twice for it to work after i completely cut the power on the Wii". And here is my question - how do I format the card? There's nothing in the 'Data Management' menu, I've cut the power to Wii but still nothing. I also looked for some homebrew, still no luck - only backup/restore hb. I know that NGC has the option to format Mem Card, but I have no access to Gamecube. Can anyone help?