How to: Flash a Lite-On Xbox 360 DVD Drive

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    Since I flashed my Lite-On drive using an old, outdated tutorial and Delta517 was looking for a detailed tutorial, I have taken it own myself to write one. I hope that other people will find some use in it too!

    I am mainly going to be basing this on the Lite-On 74850C drive but this may also work for the later December 2009 model (firmware version escapes me). I also used a homemade probe that I bought off eBay for very cheap, so I will not be able to go into much detail about using those, but you should know when and how to use them anyway since it's virtually the same.

    I will also be using a VIA card throughout this tutorial so is only suitable if you have a desktop with a spare PCI slot.

    Pictures will be added in due course. I know it's annoying to have no pictures to guide you but I should be opening my 360 again sometime soon and then I can get my own pictures.

    What you will need:

    Xbox 360 console with Lite-On drive (please check first before buying things! You can be easily mistaken for your drive and model)
    Probe, homemade (go here for the one I bought, click on view relisted item if it's ended) or a CK3 Pro and any power cables.
    VIA6421A SATA PCI card
    iXtreme 1.6 non-stealth (for use with an offline console) or iXtreme LT.
    PortIO32 (will come with the latest version of Jungleflasher if you download from above)
    Torx 10 (to open the 360) and phillips screwdrivers
    Latest .NET framework version (otherwise Jungleflasher will fail to load)

    Getting your PC ready!
    Windows XP
    On Windows XP this process is fairly simple. Start up with the VIA card plugged in. DO NOT install any drivers; there is no need to. If you have installed drivers, go to device manager (Start -> Run -> devmgmt.msc), find the VIA 6421A card and uninstall the drivers. But don't restart just yet-

    First step!
    First thing you need to do is open your 360. There are many guides available and I'm not going to go into any detail about it here. Google is your friend. But after your 360 is open you need to get your DVD drive out and now you should take out both cables at the back- these are SATA and a power cable. Then get your appropriate size phillips to undo the screws on the DVD drive and pull the bottom off it. It should come off quite easily.

    Second step!

    *had to post due to Internet troubles so I don't lose everything, sorry*
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    That's what I thought too, it's a massive PDF. Not down to the OP though, as I know someone asked him to do it.