How to fix the backup so that it doesn't get banned on Live ?

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  1. xraven13

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    Dec 11, 2009
    So at end i bought new model with newest LT extreme...
    I got few questions [​IMG] :

    1) What to do with game so that it doesn't get banned on Live? What programs i need to use to correct the sizes etc?? If someone have link for full explanation that would be great.. I know i shouldn't play too early while game is not released in my region...

    2) If game is SP does it matter if i play it too early because of achievements, can i get banned??

    3) If i don't have internet yet can i play for now without stealthing games etc. and when i get internet i will not get banned because of it ( of course i would then use stealthed games)

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    if you play any backup online you will be banned does not matter if all the files are the correct size or whatever you will still be banned. best bet for playing backups is stay offline...............sudeki300
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    1. to make sure you dont get banned which actually doesnt gurnatte anything but is the most saftiest and secure way so far is. Make sure all your games are verified and have ssv2. The progarm you need is abgx360 Mod Gui ( google it to find it) in google (type how to how to patch games ssv1 to ssv2)

    2. yes even if the game is sp and you can plya offline you can still get banned because the nand stores everyhting you do offline or not, and you will most likely get banned in the next banwave. you have to make sure your games are 100% verified with ssv2 patched to make it look like it's a real retail game, and like i said even then you still might get banned but it's the most secured way so far for not getting banned.

    3. No because like i said the nand memory chip in the 360 records everyhing you do offline or not. so always have stealth in your games no matter what and 100% verified.

    and i'll say it again EVEN IF YOU DO EVERYTHING I SAID YOU CAN STILL GET BANNED so if your worried about getting banned then dont flash your 360 it's as simple as that! Hope i helped
  4. xraven13

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    Dec 11, 2009
    Thanks for help! I know there are risks, but i wanted to know how to lower them to minimum!
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    Just thought I would mention "your region"- 360 games either come with various regions compatible or not and this is the choice of the developers/publishers. If a game is region free a game is region free and as long as it is out somewhere in the world with the respective region have at it.

    Otherwise +1 to everything else although I will add LT needs isos to use splitvid, ABGX360 has the option in the settings part of the application- you can force it if you want too.