How to Fix DSTwo not being read by n3ds/any DS (not a software fix)

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    Hey guys, so after countless hours of searching forums, reading posts, pulling my hair out, you name it, I have finally found a solution to the problem of the Gold DSTwo card contacts not seating correctly in the New 3ds XL. I will list below the solutions I tried which failed and then the solution.

    1. Pressing card super hard into slot - This worked maybe once or twice out of multiple tries (card would dc from the slightest movement vibrations)

    2. Cleaning the Gold plate contacts - May work for some, but being dirty was never really the issue.

    3. Filing/Sanding the edges - May or may not work, I have tried this, it semi helped, but then seemed like it didnt, which made me really perplexed.

    4. Reflashing Firmware/EOS and Reformatting the SD card - This may fix certain problems, but the issue was not hardware/software related.

    5. Pressing the Card from either just the Left, Right, or Center - Left side slightly worked better due to the latching mechanism, but did not really solve the issue either way.

    6. Using slips of paper/tape to help the card seat better - This partially works but still does not solve the main problem (see below)

    Ok so now that we have that out of the way. Here is the solution with pics included to help explain what I did / concluded.

    So the biggest thing I noticed was that people using paper slips said it sometimes worked, sometimes didnt, which got me thinking. So, I split the card in the front where the grilled section / golden pins sit, and then pressed it as tightly back together as possible[​IMG]

    Once I had done that, I placed it back in my n3ds and it worked instantly, I was like WTF lol. I then proceeded to tap/bang the card a couple times on my desk to make sure it wasnt a fluke, and sure enough once I tried it again, it wouldnt read. So I was like oh hell no, repeated splitting the grilled side (see above pic) and then pressed it back together as hard as possible, BAM it worked again.

    So now, I started thinking about why that would be the case and thought, well, paper worked, pressing hard together worked, so somehow the grill sits too high off the golden leads and the card isnt pressed/held together tight enough.

    So, why not make just the grill part tight? how can I do that without tearing the card all to crap?

    so, why not apply opposite force pressure? So, I split open the back end of the card (see below)[​IMG]

    And I found a way to slip a piece of paper directly underneath the microSD slot (see below)[​IMG]

    The piece of paper I used was roughly the size of the physical microSD card bay within the DSTwo card itself (see above and below)[​IMG]

    The pressure applied by having the paper set between the case on the backside in turn forces the front (Grilled/Golden pin) side to firmly press together lessening the distance between the plastic and the connectors of the card.

    Hopefully this will help all my fellow DSTwo users out there who are having one heck of a time figuring this out.

    NOTE: You may need to use multiple pieces of paper to apply the pressure evenly along the back edge of the card or the increase the pressure of the front.

    Apparently, Peeling the sticker off the top of the card also decreases the size enough to make the card fit perfectly. May want to give this a try. I removed the paper and also the sticker and it works every time now.
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    Hi Ofire, I need your help so recently I bought the new batch of supercard dstwo and like once it recognised it and when I played a game it froze so what should I do can I just remove the sticker and will it work?