How to extract and convert Unity soundbank files [WINDOWS ONLY]

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    Hey there!
    After doing some research, I've come up with a method to easily extract and convert Unity soundbank files to a usable form, such as .wav.

    1. Download all files in this Google Drive folder to the folder in which the soundbank files are located (this should be something like Game/Game_data/StreamingAssets/Audio/GeneratedSoundBanks/Windows):
    2. Drag and drop MainSoundbank.bnk (or any other .bnk file you want to convert, but most sounds will be in this one) onto bnkextr.exe.
    3. You'll see a large number of files appear. I converted the sounds from a game called Scanner Sombre, and all files were in a format called .wem. However, if the files are in any other format, simply modify converter.bat to convert that extension instead. From here (modified or not), double-click converter.bat.
    4. All your sounds will be converted and usable as .wav in /converted.
    Hope this helps!

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