How to enable language and DLC emulation on Luma hourly build ?

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    // EDIT - Never mind, luma just needed an update.

    I'm currently using two New 3DS, on Luma Hourly build, and on firmware 11.4. I frequently use the Language emulation feature of Luma.
    Obviously, the "luma/locales" way doesn't work with the Luma hourly builds.

    I searched and found some posts on the Internet about a "luma/titles/titleid/locale.txt" path ; and also found some posts about the possibilty of using romfs by this way.

    In any case, I created my "titles" folder, and a folder for each one of the games I wanted. Each folder's name is the titleid it belongs to, so let's say I had a 400000000.txt file, I now have a 400000000 folder with the .txt inside, renamed locale.txt.

    I also kept my "locales" folder.

    Well, neither of this option seem to work at the moment. If there is a solution, I would certainly be glad to hear it, because I also need to be on hourly build if I want everything else to work properly. And if someone could share some informations about the romfs thingie, that'd be helpful too.

    Thanks ! :)
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