How to enable challenge mode on Pokemon Black version 2 or White Version 2 via R4 card

So I went through a headache and a half trying to put these pieces together by myself and might as well make it available for someone else trying to do the same. This is an extension of the tutorial here made a little simpler.

Tools: R4 card, micro sd card, PC micro sd card reader, PC, router, DS original or DS lite only, an official copy of black or white v2.

Software -

R4 firmware: find here -


save file: DIY tutorial below (one for black 2 was made available here:

savegame manager:

(rudolphs tool does not work with later pokemon game's encryption)


Step 1: Setup the card

Format the micro SD you intend to use

Set up firmware on the R4 card, put the savegame manager app somewhere on the root of the mini sd card from your PC.

Grab the .cfg file called “savegame_manager” and make sure it's on the root of the sd card if it isn't already.

Hit the windows key and R at the same time. Type “cmd” and hit enter to open command prompt, type “ipconfig” and hit enter. Write down the IPv4 number (e.g. of the connection you're using to your router, ipv6 not supported.

open “savegame_manager.cfg” in notepad. In ftp_id put in the IP number you wrote down. For ftp_user use “pkmn”, ftp_pass pkmn2020, and port as “21”. Save and close notepad.

Create a folder in your c drive called “NDS_Backup”. Take the save to be transferred and put it in this folder. Check the other tutorial below on how to do this.

Step 2: Setup smallftp

Open smallftp. To to settings>general and make sure ftp is set to port 21 and click ok.

go to settings>advanced and make sure you select “use local ip and 5000-5010 are the passive ports and click ok.

go to settings>users>add. Put “pkmn” and “pkmn2020” from before in the username and password boxes.

For directories click add, in the physical directory type “C:/NDS_Backup” and click ok.

For permissions click add, set permissions to “LRW” instead of “LR”. Press ok twice.

Step 3: Connect

Change your router to WEP or open system to work with old DS games, make sure other users are aware and be careful for neighbors stealing your wifi while doing this.

Open black 2 on your DS, open the wifi menu and connect to your router on connection 1 and save it.

Connect your PC to the router and click the play button on smallftp.

Put the R4 card in your DS and power on, navigate to the file browser and open the savegame manager app.

Press b and tap restore.

Remove the R4 card when prompted and put in the game you want to enable challenge mode on, start and wait for the copying to finished and you'll have a new game with challenge mode enabled.

Turn security back on your router, stop smallftp, reconnect your pc and enjoy!


Tutorial 2: make a challenge mode save file via PC

Tools: legit ROM file of black or white v2, desamune, Action replay code for save file

Enable cheats on desamune, open the game you're using on desamune. Go to tools>cheats>list>action replay and paste this code:

52010500 42815880
12010504 000046C0
D2000000 00000000

reset the game, go into unova link>key system settings>set difficulty>challenge mode, the game will now save and challenge mode will be enabled. You can also turn on white forest but do NOT turn on any of the regi keys or the game may become unplayable.

Turn off the cheat and reset the game. Feel free to check if challenge mode in enabled with a padlock icon on it. Do NOT change it back. Export the battery file as raw format to the folder you're using to transfer to DS.

Feedback/errors/easier or alternatives for mac/bug reports appreciated. :)

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