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    Aug 31, 2020
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    Hi everybody,
    This time I am often entertained by watching dramatic movies, I have found myself an application called cinema hd apk so that I can track them easily anywhere. But now that I want to experience this application on TV Box to be more comfortable, is there any way to install cinema hd on my TV Box? Please help me with what you know.
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    I'm assuming you are using some chinese set top box with android. You can use the built in browser to find the apk for cinema hd and install it.
    Disclaimer, while streaming copyrighted content is technically legal, downloading them is illegal and can get you in trouble with your service provider if caught.

    I'd be more careful about installing a fake apk onto your system tho, they are common with piracy/hacked apps on android.
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    To sideload apps on Android TV you need to install a file explorer (there is at least one in Play Store), and enable the sideloading permission for that app. Then you can connect a USB with the file on, you may need to use FAT32 for it to mount, or use Paragon ExFAT/NTFS from the Play Store, for some reason ExFAT/NTFS are not supported by default in Android TV, even though mobile devices can mount ExFAT SD cards just fine... Some devices will mount them though such as my Shield TV but my mom's Android TV based Smart TV won't. Or use a web browser to download the file (the usual ones like Chrome and Firefox aren't available in the Android TV Play Store IIRC but there should be one there)

    I suggest sideloading Solid Explorer first of all. You can mount a SMB or other network share on it that's hosted on your PC or on a mobile device (also running Solid Explorer) and easily sideload apps just by placing them in that folder and accessing the saved network share in Solid Explorer on the TV box. And it's a far superior file explorer to anything in the Android TV Play Store. So it's a good thing to have on there.

    Also, if you download Yalp Store, which is an alternate Play Store with the ability to spoof other devices, you should be able to install any normal Play Store app on Android TV easily. I have not tried it on Android TV, some apps do not work well on Android TV so it might not work well. But I've used it to spoof other Android devices on my phone in order to get apps not normally available on it.

    For some apps you sideload you might need Sideload Launcher from the Play Store, in order to launch apps that don't have the "Android TV support" option enabled and won't show up in the normal launcher. However, Cinema HD (and Cyberflix which I also used) don't need it. Nor does Solid Explorer.

    I found both Cinema HD and Cyberflix to be rather annoying to use, not very well optimized for a remote, and with ads. Plus not everything is available and the videos don't always work.
    A better alternative that always works that I would suggest instead is Kodi with Quasar Burst. Works great with a remote, since it's designed for it, and is ad free. Quasar Burst being torrent based means it doesn't rely on a central database or server, whatever is available on any of the torrent sites supported will play, so it will always work, not like these streaming apps which might only last a few months and then you have to look for a new one. But for older stuff sometimes there isn't a torrent available or the seeds are too unreliable to stream it. In that case, there are other streaming addons for Kodi you could use as well that don't rely on torrents, but with those you have no control over the quality, you just have to watch what's available. So the best is to use Quasar and only use those other addons when there isn't a working torrent. And you can add shows and movies you want/like to watch to the Kodi library or favorites regardless of the addon they are in (by long pressing OK/enter on the show/movie/episode in whatever streaming addon it shows a context menu where there should be an "add to favorites" or "add to library" button) so that regardless of which addon you are watching them from, you can access them all from the same library.

    There is also an ad-free YouTube app for Android TV called Smart YouTube TV that you might want to look into.
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