How to Delete "Hidden Space" on Mac OS X Lion

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    Jan 13, 2011
    After deciding to install windows on my machine, I started up bootcamp and happily began partitioning some 25 gigs of space for Windows 7. Following a guide which said to close all programs before starting, I had closed caffeine, which prevents the computer from entering sleep mode. After watching it for a while, I realized it would take a good long time to partition, so I left. When I returned, I had noticed the screen black and quickly rushed to wake it back up. Bootcamp Assistant was back at the starting page, asking if I'd like to continue to install Windows. I clicked continue and was greeted by a "You need at least 10 gbs of free space in order to do so." message. So I thought to myself, "well alright then, it must have been completed if I don't have the space anymore," and then proceeded to reboot, while trying to get into the windows part. It booted up like normal (into OS X). I looked around in the finder when I realized, I simply couldn't find anything that had changed. If I didn't check Disk Utility, I would've assumed everything was fine. Unfortunately, I did. I'm down about 25 gigs, sound familiar? I searched all through the finder, then figured maybe a third-party program could help. I downloaded and installed DaisyDisk, which I actually recommend, it seems pretty helpful, and scanned as an administrator. It shows...this. Notice the (Hidden Space)? Just over 25 GBs? DaisyDisk tells me that it is unable to delete the hidden space, because it cannot locate the file. According to the website, I should rescan as admin (which I had already done) and then to run a command in terminal. I had done so and it popped this out.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I can tell that one of the volumes was created at 6:03, about when I started my attempts. I'm willing to assume this is the problem data, so does anyone know how I can delete this garbage?