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    I recently started trying to play CS competitve, and I fucking suck. It's the pressure, mostly because of me missing a shot and then teammates yelling at me. Normally (casual or deathmatch) I'm around the top of the leaderboard, but on Competitve I'm always at the bottom.

    Wat do
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    Stop playing competitive. Everyone who plays like that takes themselves and the game way too fucking seriously and drain all the fun out of it, your better off fucking around on Orange maps and making jokes and stuff. At least, thats what I do on CSS.
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    I feel your pain. I just started playing CS:GO competitively, and while I'm better than most people at my experience level, I can't compete consistently, and crack under pressure. Even the other day, I was the only person left on my team, and I ended up getting 2 kills with my pistol on the last 2 enemies, before wandering around like an idiot on the bombsite because I was blind and couldn't see the bomb. So much yelling going on, on both teams >.<

    I think it comes with experience though. The more you play, the more used to it you'll become.
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    This. Whenever I hear that someone is "playing a game competitively", I automatically assume they are either 12 years old, or this:

    Just do yourself a favor and "play", aka have fun.
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    Watch some experienced comp players, see what they do, record yourself playing (not sure if you mean CS or later versions but demos are a wonderful thing) and watch yourself back, see what you did wrong, what you did right and figure out how you can improve. It's a whole different mindset you need to get into. Things like positioning and coordination take a much bigger role and it's not, ever about the scoreboard.

    I don't play competitive CS in particular but I figure those things still apply.

    EDIT: This is of course if you're actually serious about playing in a competitive format and you really like the game. If you're playing comp because you do good in pubs and "might as well" then you shouldn't put so much dedication into it.