How to create extdata for a game you don't own? (MHX specifically)

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    Mar 21, 2017
    I'm trying to transfer my MHGen character over to a MHX save so I can transfer that to MHXX, but I'm not able to get MHX onto this SD card due to it being tiny, and I cant exactly get a new one at the moment. I've tried everything I can think of to try and trick it into thinking my MHGen save is a MHX save, but no dice. And MHX Data Manager won't create saves either. My only option left is to find some kind of tool that will create extdata for that game, or let me import extdata and create that way. Anyone have a clue if anything like this exists?
    (sorry if this is in a bad spot. this is the best i could think to put it)

    EDIT: Got it! SaveDataFiler lets you import saves of ExtData from any game, unlike JKSV. Just got an empty save and I was ready to go :3
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    JKSM does let you transfer the extra data :s, it just won't transfer to an empty slot so you have to start MHX up (as far as it making data is good enough) then you can use Jksm to do it, can use MHX data manager to do that too, that's how I transferred my character over to MHX then mhxx
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