how to convert gba .sav into gb .sav

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  1. fat0301

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    Dec 13, 2008
    hm... I'm poor at writing ENGLISH.. so my writing is in a mess. sorry...


    I use NDSL. so I use LAMEBOY to play gb games.

    but LAMEBOY is too awful to play pokemon gold or silver ver,kor.

    low fps, slow script, difficult save.. and so on.

    but gb roms are able to convert into gba roms

    so I tried to play convered pokemon.

    and I found serious problem.

    no pokemon exchange......

    so I request gb .sav to gba .sav and gba .sav to gb .sav converter.
    thanks for my mess writing..
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    Dec 7, 2008
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    In font of my computer
    You converted a gb into gba ?
    Well there is a problem that Lameboy can play gb and gbc but not GBA!
    If you want to play gba roms you have to buy an slot-2 card or you let it be a gb/gbc
    Here my question to you, you say you converted gb into gba can it works the other way ?
    GBA - GB ???? wich programm do you use?

    Hope this helps you.