How to convert from one format to another?

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  1. Joey Ravn

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    Aug 29, 2007
    Hi everybody.

    Let's see if I can sum this up: I have an M3 Simply and an EZ Flash 3in1. I want to back up my copy of A Link to the Past + Four Swords, so I can use a "custom" save game with it. Why, you may ask? Because I don't have a GBA, I only have a DS. And, as you may know, Four Swords is only available in multiplayer mode, with other 3 people with a GBA and the game, each one, and it unlocks a new dungeon in LttP once beaten.

    I wanted to use a saved game I downloaded from GameFAQs, with Four Swords completed and the extra dungeon on LttP unlocked, but I don't know how. You see, the save file is in .gsv (GameShark) format and it's only 9.04KB. How am I supposed to convert this file into one that can be used with the 3in1?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Jun 2, 2007
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    For backing up the GBA game, use GBAldr. Check its thread in the EZ-Flash forums for more info on how to do that.

    For converting the savegame, I've heard that you can just open up the game in VBA and use File - import - Gameshark Snapshot in order to load the save file. Then save in-game and VBA should produce a *.sav file for you. I'd imagine this save file would work on a 3in1.
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    May 28, 2007
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    I also want to backup a link to the past, but GBAldr doesn't seem to backup EEPROM. (LttP uses EEPROM)
    Whenever you try, you end up with a 512 kilobyte file filed with (HEX) FFFFFF.
    There is a utility for slot 2 flashcards that support DLDI that backs up EEPROM, but it doesn't work on a slot 1, or 3-in-1.
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    Anyone have any ideas? I want to copy over my Phantasy Star Collection File.. [​IMG]