[HOW-TO]Convert a GW save file to Sky3DS or retail game (6.x crypto working)

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    Ok so we can now convert any Gateway save file to Sky3DS or retail game.
    6.x crypto saves can be converted too.
    Even if you played a 6.x key rom in GW mode in 4.5 firmware, you can convert it to Sky3DS and play it on a 6.x+ firmware.

    I am using Zelda Majora's Mask EUR GW save file as exemple in this tutorial.

    We need:

    - GW card with the rom we want to convert the save on it. (Zelda MM rom for me)
    - Retail game (Zelda MM here) OR Sky3DS with the rom on it (Zelda MM rom for me without save, because I want to use my GW save file)
    - 3DS with firmware 6.x, 7.x, 8.x or 9.x (MAX 9.2! If you are on 4.x or 5.x, you can't convert 6.x crypto saves!)
    - SaveDataFiler
    - GW Launcher.dat
    -Rxtools with patched sign -> https://gbatemp.net/threads/rxtools-with-signatures-patched-out.390607/

    Let's go:

    I used Zelda MM for this tutorial, so my GW save file name for Zelda MM is: 0004000000125600.sav > http://3ds.essh.co/

    1. Connect the SD Card to your PC
    2. Copy your Savegame to the SD Card and rename it as 000400000FF40A00.sav (In my case, I rename the save 0004000000125600.sav to 000400000FF40A00.sav )
    2b. You must have only one save on your SD Card. Only the 000400000FF40A00.sav or it'll not work.
    3. Put SD Card back into your 3DS
    4. Turn it on and execute the Gateway Exploit
    5. Mount your .3ds/.3dz Game
    6. Start SaveDataFiler (CTR Card is no longer broken!) and highlight CTR Card
    7. Press Y and then A to export the Savegame
    8. Reboot your 3DS
    9. Now launch Rx Mode with patched signature.
    10. Insert your retail game or Sky3DS with your rom.
    11. Start SaveDataFiler (if CTR Card is broken, exit SaveDataFiler, start your game, close it and reload SaveDataFiler.)
    12. Switch to SD and highlight your TitleID
    13. Press R+A and then A to import your Savegame to your Sky3DS or Retail game.
    14. (SKY3DS): Start the game, load your imported save, save in the game, close the game and press the red/blue button to save to the SD card.

    That's it! My Zelda MM save file that I played on GW mode (4.5 firmware) is now working with my Sky3DS on a 9.2EUR 3DS. :)

    Only Smash Bros can't be converted, I don't know why... Save is corrupted...
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    Jun 13, 2015
    How do you even install rxtools? I just need the steps that will help me do this trick.
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    Did you try deleting the secure value?
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    Does it also work in reverse with card2, Retail (on v4.5) to Gateway (on v9.2)? I assume the answer is yes, but I don't have a Gateway to try it.