How to convert a banner from 4:3 to 16:9 aspect ratio

I made this tutorial since many people asked about this topic.

What do you need:
* CustomiizeMii 3.11:
* A paint tool - I use Paint Shop or Corel Photo Paint but any tool with layers support can do the job.
* Common sense
* A minute

This is applicable to some of the channels made in my Gamecube Banners project thread

Step 1: Open the source wad and extract the banner background
Open Customiizemii and click browse to chose th source wad

Select your file

Go to Banner tab and chose MenuScreen1.tpl

Hit Preview to check how it looks in 16:9 view, if you see that it's a bit stretched close preview and hit extract t save the png file

The image proportion should be 800x450 pixels to show correctly on 16:9 display
The extraced PNG has the same ratio, it's actually 590x332 pixels

When the image is stretched you can do the following:
1. Open the png in your photo editor and select the image
2. Chose your background color to match the image's borders and resize the image keeping it centered


Now when you feel the proportions are right, center your image again
Create a new object and send it to back
Fill this new back object with your background color (black in this case)
Now add some feather effect (1-20) to the edges o your image if needed

Save your file.

Replace the background in customiizemii by clicking replace button

And create your new wad.

Other methods include trimming the original image to the right proportion (not aplicable every time) or pasting the image inside a 16:9 frame.
You can also fill the empty are with special effects or textures or gradients...
After all you can do whatever you want as long as the final image has a decent look.
You might need to place the Wii/GC on the picture in case you trimmed it

Here are 2 versions of the logo you might need to invert the colors depending on the background colors:

For GX banners extract the new wad to a folder with any tool that can do the job (I use showmiiwads for this)
rename file to id3.bnr depending the game's ID and copy the bnr file to the banner cache folder
Thanks you
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