Homebrew how to config atmosphere hekate after SXOS


Jul 18, 2018
hi everyone.

I just recently switched to Atmosphere from SXOS, but there is still some problem I cannot find a solution to.
This is my usual boot sequence.

I still use my SX Pro dongle to turn on my switch and keep pressing down the volume - button to get into SX menu, then I go into payload and there I launch hekate_ctcaer_5.6.0.bin (that I have renamed "payload.bin" for ease of use)

I have an emuMMC 12.0.3 (not hidden just like that into the SD card)

it launched into hekate. there I need to manually select payload and launch "fusee-primary" because if I just select atmosphere from the "launch" option, i get a weird error before it boot into atmosphere (FATAL ERROR [NXBOOT] Failed to run TSEC firmware -6 d0d0d0d0 d0d0d0d0d0f)

this is my hekate_ipl.ini

{------ Atmosphere ------}
{Pick this option to launch CFW.}
{------ Stock ------}
{NOTE: This option does not launch CFW.}

1- Which patches should I use ??? the Fusee ones or the Hekate ones ???

2- and finally when I am in atmosphere, everything works perfectly expect from edizon, every time I start a game the cheats are ON by default even after I modified the system_settings.ini ad placed it into the config folder !!!

my system_settings.ini

; Disable uploading error reports to Nintendo
; upload_enabled = u8!0x0
; Enable USB 3.0 superspeed for homebrew
; 0 = USB 3.0 support is system default (usually disabled), 1 = USB 3.0 support is enabled.
; usb30_force_enabled = u8!0x0
; Control whether RO should ease its validation of NROs.
; (note: this is normally not necessary, and ips patches can be used.)
; ease_nro_restriction = u8!0x1
; Atmosphere custom settings
; Reboot from fatal automatically after some number of milliseconds.
; If field is not present or 0, fatal will wait indefinitely for user input.
; fatal_auto_reboot_interval = u64!0x0
; Make the power menu's "reboot" button reboot to payload.
; Set to "normal" for normal reboot, "rcm" for rcm reboot.
; power_menu_reboot_function = str!payload
; Controls whether dmnt cheats should be toggled on or off by
; default. 1 = toggled on by default, 0 = toggled off by default.
; dmnt_cheats_enabled_by_default = u8!0x0
; Controls whether dmnt should always save cheat toggle state
; for restoration on new game launch. 1 = always save toggles,
; 0 = only save toggles if toggle file exists.
; dmnt_always_save_cheat_toggles = u8!0x0
; Enable writing to BIS partitions for HBL.
; This is probably undesirable for normal usage.
; enable_hbl_bis_write = u8!0x0
; Enable reading the CAL0 partition for HBL.
; This is probably undesirable for normal usage.
; enable_hbl_cal_read = u8!0x0
; Controls whether fs.mitm should redirect save files
; to directories on the sd card.
; 0 = Do not redirect, 1 = Redirect.
; If you do not know what you are doing, do not touch this yet.
; fsmitm_redirect_saves_to_sd = u8!0x0
; Controls whether am sees system settings "DebugModeFlag" as
; enabled or disabled.
; 0 = Disabled (not debug mode), 1 = Enabled (debug mode)
; enable_am_debug_mode = u8!0x0
; Controls whether dns.mitm is enabled
; 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled
; enable_dns_mitm = u8!0x1
; Controls whether dns.mitm uses the default redirections in addition to
; whatever is specified in the user's hosts file.
; 0 = Disabled (use hosts file contents), 1 = Enabled (use defaults and hosts file contents)
; add_defaults_to_dns_hosts = u8!0x1
; Controls whether dns.mitm logs to the sd card for debugging
; 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled
; enable_dns_mitm_debug_log = u8!0x0
; Controls whether htc is enabled
; 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled
; enable_htc = u8!0x0
; Controls the size of the homebrew heap when running as applet.
; If set to zero, all available applet memory is used as heap.
; The default is zero.
; applet_heap_size = u64!0x0
; Controls the amount of memory to reserve when running as applet
; for usage by other applets. This setting has no effect if
; applet_heap_size is non-zero. The default is 0x8600000.
; applet_heap_reservation_size = u64!0x8600000

thank a lot in advance for all your help !

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